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Yamaguchi was extremely sad when he saw his crush talking sweetly to Tsukishima. Rather than sad, he was a bit angry. It’s not like he will hate his best friend for such a reason, but every cute girl who came to the gym always ran after him. He thought that [l/n]-san was different, but no.
That day’s practice was finished. So, Yamaguchi went out of the gym showing a sad face.
You were worried at his attitude. So, you ran after him.

He sat on a bench drinking a juice.
“Oi, Yamaguchi-kun” You shouted.
“Oh! [l/n]-san” He stood up.
“What is the matter? You look so sad” You were curious.
“No,no, it’s nothing”
You sat down.
“Yamaguchi-kun, you can tell me. I’m your friend. Amn’t I?”
“No, It’s really nothing.”
“Your face says that something is troubling you.” You were worried.
“Well, it’s not something you can do anything about.”
“Just tell me” You became angry for your friend not believing in you. You leaned closer to him. It made the boy blush.
“Well actually, [l/n]-san, I……..have a girl I l-love.”
“whaat?!” Your were shocked and your eyes were wide open. His words made you really sad as you have loved him for a long time.
“But she seems to have feelings for Tsukki.”
“Whaa-at?!! Who is she?and she loves Tsukishima? Huh?!!” Now you were loud.
“ Yes but why are you so shocked?”
“S-Shocked?!??! No no, I am not shocked or anything.” You said making a ‘no’ expression with your hands.
“Really?” The freckles boy said.
“But if you like her you should tell her about your feelings, you know.”
“You think so?” Yamaguchi blushed a little.
“So then….. I guess I will go now.” You sounded a bit depressed.
“Are you okay? [l/n]-san.”
“Yes, I’m fine”

You nearly ran away from that place. For some unknown reason you weren’t feeling well.
You ran crazily on the way to your apartment. After reaching, you shut the door. Your room was dark and empty as you lived all by yourself. Your room was full of paintings and medals on it.
You were in the drawing club and due to your talent, you won many prizes on it.
You threw your bag on the bed and went near some portraits made by you. You didn’t know what you were doing but it felt like you were being controlled by some other person. You put up a specific picture. You looked at it. The picture showed a single boy.

“it brings back memories, huh.”
You looked really depressed and desperate. You held it tightly with your hands.
“But…… it doesn’t feel the same”
You threw the photo on the floor. The glass on it broke and the pieces of it spread all over the marbled floor.
“Darn it!”
Huh? Why am I crying?

Tears came out of your eyes.
What am I doing? What’s with this feeling? Am I angry? No, I’m not. Am I sad? No, why would I be?
You then leaned closer to the picture and looked at the innocent face of the boy. His eyes were so big and pure; it felt like you could see the whole world with his eyes. You hold the paper and stared at it with tearful eyes.
Sure, I am hopeless.

“[l/n]-chan, your model hasn’t come to school. How are you gonna draw today?”
“It’s fine. I’ll go and find someone else.”
You get out of the drawing club.
“Ahhhh!” someone bumped onto you.
“oh! My head.”
“Are you okay? I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you.”
You looked up and saw a freckles boy blushing and apologizing.
“No no, I’m fine……um… you have any club activity or classes?”
“Um… no”
“So then… would you like to be my model on my art competition?”
“Umm……I don’t mind, but I dunno if I will be any use or not.”
“Haha….it’s okay. You just have to sit. Anyway, thank you.”
You drew the portrait of the unknown boy. He looked really nervous at that time. But you liked it. Later, you two became really good friends.

“I’m sorry” you held the paper tightly with your arms and kept crying.

The next day

“What was I doing yesterday?”
You put on your school uniform.
“I was like a baby, crying for something which never belonged to me.”
You combed your [h/c] colored hair.
“I shouldn’t act like that. I’m pretty sure that Yamaguchi-kun only sees me as a good friend.”
You put on a clip on your tied hair.
“So as his friend I must help him out in his problems.”
You took your school bag.
“Okay, My love will be unrequited.”

You started walking. You tried to look confident. You finally met up with that boy.

“Oi, Yamaguchi-kun”
The boy looked back and saw you coming towards him.
“Oh! [l/n]-san, Good Morning.”
“Good Morning.”
You two started walking.
“So then, Yamaguchi-kun?”
“What’s the matter?”
“Have you confessed to that girl?”
You looked at the boy, that made him blush.
“Well………um……..uh. I don’t think”
“Heh!!! What are you? A middle school student?”
“Well….no, but”
“You have to tell her today.”
“But, I’m too nervous.”
“C’mon!” You smiled. “I’ll support you.”
“Uh….” He was amazed at your smile.
“Let’s go,Yamaguchi-kun”
“Huh?...What is it?” You were a bit surprised.
“Um…I wanted to tell you that”
“Don’t hesitate. Tell me what is bothering you.”
“I l-love you.”
“Heh????!!!!!!!” You were really surprised.
You said, “Oh! So you’re practicing how to say it. You just surprised me.” You blushed.
“Huh! No [l/n]-san, y-you are the one I do love. B-But if you love Tsukki, then don’t worry I will give you my full support. Don’t bother about me. My love will be unrequited.
“Huh!!” You were shocked. You grinned.

You couldn’t help yourself but burst out in laughter. The boy was clueless.

“What’s the matter, am I sounding weird?”
“No no, That’s not it.” You controlled your laughter and went near him.

You touched his nose with your index finger and said,
“Baaka!” and smiled.
“What did make you think that I love Tsukishima?”
“Well, you talked so sweetly to him.”
“What do you mean? Do I talk roughly to others?”
“When your friends said that you are thickheaded in some situations, I didn’t believe them at all.”
“But now I know.”

You kissed lightly on his cheek. He felt the warmth of your soft lips. The warmness he had longed for, what he deserves.

“Um……[l/n]-san?” He touched his cheeks and blushed heavily.
“Hah!!. We’re gonna be late for school, hurry!”
I am thickheaded, huh?.....


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